Interactive Navigation Table for Fraport AG

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For Fraport AG, COSALUX conceptualized, developed and realized an “Interactive Airport Desk“(„I-AID“). Since the 21.09.2015 this desk is located at Terminal 1, passenger area Z after the security check in the Non-Schengen area. The “Interactive Airport Desk“ provides the passengers with complete traveling information, indoor navigation with dynamic guidance, overview plans and location of all gastronomy and shopping services. Real-time info concerning waiting period as well as shopping, gastronomy and other services located on the chosen path are presented on the desk. All in all, the desk has six data bases, which combine and evaluate the collected passenger information. Thereby the passengers’ travel information is presented, which is determined by the remaining time/ waiting time, destination and expected buying behaviour.The entire system is designed to learn from the collected data and refine the offer in further steps as well as complement the existing customer data with more different information. The hardware consists of a high-performing touch module and a scanner unit to scan the boarding pass.The design of the desk is integrated perfectly into the surrounding of the passenger area Z. Moreover, it should remain intact to be admired for many years due to its stainless steel-body and a shockproof stoved enamel finish.Since the first day, the “Interactive Airport Desk” is used frequently by many passengers of Fraport and as an interactive information medium turns out to be a magnet to visitors.