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MyGloryTimes – The automatic photo book diary app

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What happens when you throw an iPhone with many pretty pictures, weather information, geodata and a classic photo book in a pot?! Either smoking heads and many question marks or MyGloryTimes, the automatic photo diary app.

After figuratively 10,000 coffee, just as many new gray hair, uncounted all-nighters and, and, and, we are proud that we gloriously made it. Since 25 March 2015 MyGloryTimes is finally available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Now it is easy to keep the special moments of life noted firmly. We are pleased that we were able to implement this beautiful app together with and for the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

MyGloryTimes automatically put the personal photo diary together, arranges the pictures to a date and place and enriches everything on request with movement data and weather conditions of the connected time. Additionally, you can put on every page personal entries, e.g. how you liked something or with whom you have been at a place. If that is not enough, it is easy to create your personal photo book, have it print and sent to you, all within the App.

You will find more information and the link tot he App store on: