BASF SE I Germany 2017


Within BASF, the designfabrik® connects chemistry and design. At the annual event Fabriktag 2017, one of the main themes was to present the plans for the future premises in a nearby bunker to the 150 invited designer guests. As a key feature of the event, a digital installation should provide not only a vision of the new interiors, but also convey the contents, philosophy and spirit of the designfabrik® as a place of experiment and creation, while having the potential to become a permanent designfabrik® feature.


A gripping virtual reality game for all kinds of corporate events that sends great numbers of visitors on an expedition through the new building in short time slots, communicates the characteristics, the innovative products, and the resulting design icons of the designfabrik®, while providing an aesthetic and interactive highlight at Fabriktag and beyond.


An addictive highscore virtual reality that brings the BASF claim „we create chemistry” to life: sitting on a molecule, a globular virtual reality chair, the user takes off to high speed flight full of discoveries through the new premises. By catching flying molecule compounds of different ranks, the user not only scores but also creates effects and colors that make every single flight unique. Shrinking effects turn the user to molecule size and enable him to experience the products from an unknown perspective. Though representing the new designfabrik® interior, the rooms remain generic enough to make the game appropriate for all kinds of events. High resolution details arouse curiosity for the new designfabrik® and its products. The online highscore system allows an unlimited number of gaming stations to join, saving each result by name and making them accessible everywhere.