Cushman & Wakefield I Germany 2018


The American real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield is planning a new innovation center right at the heart of Berlin. Investors and prospective customers should be thrilled of the potentials and opportunities of the site with the latest technologies in a half physical and half virtual showroom. For this purpose, innovative approaches are needed to make the terrain tangible before the actual construction.


Design a showroom that inspires investors how to develop the property. The juxtaposition of historic and modern is subtle but skilfully staged. With the help of augmented reality, planned buildings become virtually visible. The usage of large-scale projections creates a special ambience and adds another level of atmosphere to the real estate showroom.


The unusual combination of a classic real estate showroom with modern technology and innovative augmented reality resulted in an extraordinary staging of the planned building project. A framework specially developed by COSALUX for the project, using iPads to allow ultra-realistic augmented reality holograms, enhancing reality in an extraordinary way. As a result, interested visitors as well as real estate investors were delighted with the newly planned Cushman & Wakefield project.