Deutsche Post DHL Group I Germany 2017


Does it fit in? An augmented reality mobile app shall provide the answer and make packaging and sending parcels a task of clicks instead of yards stick and post office walks – and make Deutsche Post DHL Group a digital first mover in customer service.


Using Apple’s ARKit, we developed one of the very first augmented reality mobile apps for Deutsche Post DHL Group. The aim was to make this new technology available to the DHL customers right with the launch of iOS 11 – in an app providing actual benefit and an intuitive user experience to convince also the less confident users. With an accompanying print and online campaign, we added an emotional dimension to the app and addressed a broad target audience.


With the DHL Packset app, sending parcels is done with a few clicks: The customer starts by scanning an appropriate surface with the iPhone on which he virtually places a three-dimensional Packset in size XS, S, M, L or F. He puts the item into the Packset, adjusts the size and can directly see the price. He can put the selected Packset into the shopping basket. To complete the order, the app forwards the customer to the Deutsche Post eFiliale, where he can create a parcel stamp, book a collection service and make a secure payment. The ready-to-send Packset is delivered to the customer’s home. The intuitive user interface makes the process an easy and comfortable task even for less experienced users. The DHL Packset app proves that with the right strategy and usability, the courage to try new technologies allows creating value for both provider and customers: within a few weeks, the DHL Packset app got more than one million impressions in the Apple App Store, and was chosen by Apple among the Best of 2017 apps in the developer category.