March 25, 2021 – August 29, 2021


The Palmengarten celebrates its 150th birthday in 2021! The GrünGürtel turns 30! These anniversaries serve as an occasion for the Historical Museum to highlight the treatment of parks and public gardens in Frankfurt in the past and present in a cultural history exhibition. The city of Frankfurt has over 1,300 hectares of publicly accessible green spaces such as parks, sports facilities, playgrounds and ramparts. In total, Frankfurt has over 52% of green spaces in the broadest sense – this also includes allotment gardens, cemeteries or the roadside greenery.


Creation of an interactive application, on which parks and green spaces in the Frankfurt area are localized, indicate about Does and Dont´s and depict categories. In so-called “question rounds” visitors cant assign and find their park, according to categories and attributes. Also a search over the map of the Frankfurt city area, offers space to explore and experience. A total of 60 parks are on the map, which can be touched and interacted with. Each park is assigned to at least one category, contains commandments and prohibitions, and at least four fixed attributes. The goal was to increase the awareness of visitors to the museum, for the green spaces of the region and to draw attention to the “value” of these.


COSALUX implements an interactive and playful application,on an 75″ large media touch table, an virtual app. We created a higher awareness of the Frankfurt region and its green spaces and facilities.