Kao Germany GmbH I Germany 2018


Global acting KAO group wants to inspire the entire industry with their Goldwell ColorZoom event in Europe. A captivating and exciting weekend, with the central topic color worlds, has to be developed, planned and implemented. The core task: stage an extraordinary brand experience, leave a lasting impression and inspire the participants to use the brand’s products in exciting new ways.


The venue divided into different areas, offers a mix of immersive stage shows, hands-on technical trainings with international artists, interesting business topics and trade fair stands for the various individual brands. Visitors get a comprehensive insight into the new trends of the industry. Live workshops convey new techniques, styles and insider knowledge about innovative Goldwell products. And finally an elaborate stage show with an exciting entertainment program and a culinary balanced catering complete the ambience of the ColorZoom 2018.



The event completely developed and directed by COSALUX with 120 models and 80 international hairdressers delighted over 1500 guests from all over Europe. In Munich’s Infinity Hotel and Ballhausforum the participants experienced a ten-hour live show with model walks, business talks and workshops. The unconventional stage and lighting design spanned two entire exhibition halls and completely immersed models and artists in endless virtual landscapes and colorful spaces. Guests left the ColorZoom 2018 completely fascinated from the new color zoom dimension.