Hybridization, indi­vidu­alization and digi­talization of event formats

Funding by the State of Hessen I Germany 2020


HYBRID-X is a project funded by the State of Hesse (Distr @ l program), which develops the hybrid integration of digital elements in physical event concepts. The trade fair industry is facing one of the greatest challenges with the currently prevailing restrictions on public life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the project is to create an innovative, modular ecosystem that connects the digital and physical world of events and thus secures the entire trade fair / events division for the future. Compared to existing solutions, regular events should be expanded or supplemented instead of being replaced by purely digital components. HYBRID-X thus delivers both technically complex and innovative extensions for existing platform technologies based on established functions, as well as completely new developments. Thanks to the digital additions, a year-round exchange of exhibitors, visitors and organizers should also be made possible beyond the days of the event, which increases the relevance and reach of existing and new trade fairs. Cross-industry exchange is also being promoted more strongly, so that not only the trade fair companies but also the economy as a whole benefit from the developments in HYBRID-X.