Kao Germany GmbH I Düsseldorf, Germany 2018


With the brands Goldwell and KMS, Kao Germany is a leading hair care manufacturer. At the hairdressers’ main trade show Top Hair, Kao wanted to achieve several goals with a new booth concept: For the first time, both brands should be presented at the same booth, while keeping their individual identities. A particular emphasis should be placed on the Goldwell product novelty @Pure Pigments. At the same time, a distinctive appearance for the parent brand Kao was to be achieved, communicating reorientation and change. Another important factor was Kao’s dynamic live show program. The challenge was hence to align functional requirements with communication goals in a coherent and unique design.


Merging analogue and digital elements, we developed a modular concept that structures the booth into sections and reunites them via the leitmotif colour. We first divided the areas education – a show stage for workshops and live product stagings – and brand world – ten modular product displays presenting the products. An homage to the morphing @Pure Pigments colour spectrum, a digital colour wave along the ceiling joined both areas before flowing into a large-scale LED wall above the stage. The LED wall and the extending colour wave served to play image trailers, clips and product videos, and created ambiance through colours and images that emphasised the visual concept. Secondly, we divided the brand world area: on each long side of the booth, we installed five modular product displays to present Goldwell and KMS as individual brands, arrayed to draw the view towards the stage. The brands were linked through a long-stretched LED-lighted counter – a permanently changing colour highlight and interactive centre of the whole area.


With the interplay of analogue functionality and digital imagery and colours, we realised an exhibition concept that translated Kao’s requests into a unique identity. The concept paid attention to the Kao Salon Division artists as well as to the visitors: a generous seating area behind the stage and live camera streaming to the LED wall let the visitors comfortably follow the programme. The area around the stage and silent disco headphones allowed the visitors to experience the international masters in an unusually intimate atmosphere – making Kao’s booth one of the most popular at Top Hair, and one of the most memorable.