RMV I Germany 2019


In partnership with our cooperative agency Huth + Wenzel, we were tasked to design the new concept for the RMV VIP booth lounge in the Commerzbank-Arena, the home stadium of the Eintracht Frankfurt.


Visitors to the new VIP booth lounge will find themselves visually immersed in a space that imitates being on a S-Bahn train or on a RMV Bus. The booth offers a unique and interactive branding that accompanies your football game experience thanks to re-purposed and converted elements such as stop buttons, emergency brakes, and ticket machines.


In the RMV VIP lounge booth there is now a large oak table with an engraved route map, and the accompanying Vitra-style chairs adorned with soccer jersey numbers and original S-Bahn patterned seat cushions. Other features that can be observed are the yellow handrails, leaning cushions in the standing area, and functional buttons such as the ‘Stop’ button which when pressed – fan chants are heard; or the ‘Emergency brake’ which when pulled you can hear “Fights and Victories!”. Original folding seats are located beneath two window-like digital screens that showcase beautiful images of Frankfurt’s railway line and even historical data about Eintracht Frankfurt. Bets can be placed on the ticket machine for the half-time and final scores. The local brands; RMV and Eintracht Frankfurt, were brought together in a playful and unique way to create a distinguishing VIP lounge experience.