TE Connectivity I Germany 2017


A global market leader in connectivity and sensors, TE Connectivity sets standards in efficiency, security and comfort in commercial and military aviation with its technologies. At Paris Air Show 2017, one of the most important international aviation trade fairs, TE Connectivity wanted to present the complex products in a film that presents and explains their function and interdependence and provides an eye-catcher at the booth.


In a multistep process, COSALUX developed an imagery that conveys all relevant information and at the same time translates TE Connectivity’s innovative capacity into a distinctive corporate aesthetic: In a first step, the adjusted 3D models of aircraft and products were transferred into the game engine Unreal Engine 4 and prepared for real-time processing, before textures and light were added. To demonstrate localisation, interdependence and functions of the products, tracking shots and zoomings were generated, adding dynamic and suspense to the film. After rendering the tracking shots, the film was imported into After Effects, where the animations for objects and typography were created. The film was then imported into Adobe Premiere, where it was finally merged with earlier shot expert interviews and added with specially composed music.


In a futuristic setting of animated visuals and sound, the film presents the connected products as photo-realistic 3D models in a transparent aircraft. Animated infographics sum up the most important facts from the voice over. Expert interviews at the end of the film give deeper insights into the topic. Dynamic tracking shots render the information into a story, making the audience travel through the product range and providing an overview of their locations and functions. Stops and zoomings allow detail views from different angles. On an eight square metre-screen, the combination of information, effect and aesthetic turned the film into a cinematic experience at Paris Air Show. Its striking appearance made the aircraft the key visual of all accompanying print and online campaigns.